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About Us

AskDrJohn.com capabilities lie at the intersection of education, understanding and experience.

Dr. John Lundin, the founder of AskDrJohn, has a PhD in Business Administration with a Management Information Systems Major (MIS) from the University of Texas, and an MBA from the University of Denver. He has taught both at undergraduate and graduate programs in MIS and Management at the University of Texas, University of North Carolina, George Mason University, Baylor University and San Jose State University.

He has researched many current issues including IT-enabled business transformation, IT strategic alignment, and service oriented architecture. This research and understanding provide a depth of understanding that few, sophisticated consultancies possess.

Dr. John has most recently been involved with multiple Small Business Development Centers (partnerships between the  federal Small Business Administration and local institutions of higher learning) as both a counselor on general business issues and a consultant in the Technology Advisory Program to assist small businesses past information technology hurdles. He also spent time with a large Management Consulting, Information Services practice prior to earning his PhD. The combination of SBDC, TAP and personal/professional business clients numbers in the hundreds.

Dr. Lundin is also published in journals and is a frequent speaker to professional and business organizations

A rare combination of education, understanding and experience creates a more precise and valuable use of IT consultancy and solution for you